Eleven Walkthrough


TODO: I’ll endeavour to walk through the BASIC of using Eleven on this page.

What is Eleven?

ELEVEN is a combined editor and preprocessor package which enhances BASIC10 by adding the following features:

  • variable declaration

  • variable names of arbitrary length

  • named labels instead of line numbers

  • $ and % prefixes for hexadecimal and binary integers

  • easy to read comments

  • easy to use 'EE' full screen text editor with preprocessor integration

  • automatic backup facility

ELEVEN consists of two main parts: The editor and the preprocessor itself. Both are working hand in hand in order to provide a simple and integrated development workflow.

Where to get it?

You’ve got two options:

a) Ubik’s Last Eleven v5.0

This is the state Ubik last left it. You can consider this the ‘stable’ version for now.

  • Eleven ~26 June 2022 is available here

  • Bit Shifter’s Last 99xxxx ROM ~ is available here

b) Latest improvements to Eleven

This version has had multiple improvements made over the prior version, described in the “README.md” file.

  • Eleven (with new mods) is available here

  • Latest Beta 92xxxx ROM - available here


This version of Eleven is now an open-source project that all in the MEGA65 community are welcome to contribute to. The repository for it is here:


Usage Walkthrough

TODO: I will aim to provide a text-based walkthrough at some stage.

For now, let’s watch Ubik describe it in his own words here

Also, Gurce gave a talk at MEGA≡VISION #1, walking through Eleven also:

Here’s also a link to Gurce’s BASIC 65 + Eleven dev vlog:

How to switch to the 80x50 mode editor

  • mount your "11.D81" disk

  • Type BOOT and then quickly press P to get into the Settings/Preferences screen

  • Press F9 to toggle the default screen mode to be 80x50

Help Screen

Here’s the current help screen. Needs to be updated with the extra shortcuts described in the “README.md” file.


Xemu-equivalent shortcut keys for Eleven

If you are running Eleven via the Xemu MEGA65 emulator, you may find that certain MEGA65 keys used by Eleven are awkward to type, due to Xemu making use of them already (e.g., Xemu uses F9 to exit xemu)

Here’s a table of Xemu-equivalent shortcut keys you can type instead


MEGA65 key



MEGA65 key



HELP key

Help screen



Go to line

RightAlt + C or CTRL + 5


Control mode

RightAlt + Up/Down

ALT + Up/Down

Page up/down

RightAlt + S or CTRL + Z


Save/update defaults

Shift + End


Exit Editor

Right-Alt + F



Right-Alt + R


Find & Replace