'Documentation' - Landing Page

The MEGA65 project has multiple locations that can be perused for documentation, they will be outlined below:

PDF manuals

We have a suite of PDFs with varying content that will be described here:

  • The MEGA65 User’s Guide
    Provides an introduction to the MEGA65, and a condensed BASIC 65 command reference
    Download: mega65-userguide.pdf

  • The MEGA65 BASIC 65 Reference
    Comprehensive documentation of all BASIC 65 commands, functions and operators
    Download: mega65-basic65-reference.pdf

  • The MEGA65 Chipset Reference
    Detailed documentation about the MEGA65 and C65’s custom chips
    Download: mega65-chipset-reference.pdf

  • The MEGA65 Developer’s Guide
    Information for developers who wish to write programs for the MEGA65
    Download: mega65-developer-guide.pdf

  • The MEGA65 Complete Compendium
    (Also known as The MEGA65 Book)
    All volumes in a single huge PDF for easy searching. 1080 pages and growing!
    Download: mega65-book.pdf


Jenkins will build all PDFs from the latest source, and upload successful builds to the Filehost links above. You can monitor build status here:

Filehost articles

Individual articles written by MEGA65 owners pertaining to their specific user experiences and knowledge that they would like to share in an article that they maintain sole control over:


A location for documenters within the community to share their knowledge in a collaborative manner, allowing for multiple editors to contribute to the same article:

Dan’s MEGA65 Welcome Guide

A good introduction for new owners to get better acquainted with their new machines!

Dan’s MEGA65 Digest

Don’t have the time to spare to follow the latest news on our Discord chat server? Then subscribe to Dan’s MEGA65 Digest to receive a newsletter every month or so on the latest MEGA65 news!

MEGA65 Discord Server

Got a question you can’t find the answer to in any of the above? Then jump onto the Discord server and give us a ping there! We’ve got a vibrant, friendly community that will try get you the answers you’re looking for!

Code samples

Looking for help getting started with programming? Want some ideas for your programs? Got a snippet of code that you think others might find useful? Try these resources.

BASIC 65 Referenzhandbuch

Günther Reiter maintains a German-language version of the BASIC language reference. Get it from his website: