Old wiki contents

For now, I’ve just copy/pasted links to the old wiki’s content here.

We can move any useful stuff from here into the new wiki whenever needed.


  • Motivations and Goals for the Project


  • MEGA65 Prerelease Starter's Manual

    • Steps for how to get your Nexys board up and running with the MEGA65 bitstream

  • Preparing a build environment in Cygwin

    • For windows users that don't want to jump ship completely to Linux

  • FPGA Development Walkthrough

    • Guides you through the installation of the Xilinx ISE WebPack software and its usage

  • MEGA65 GitHub docs

    • Search these github docs via the 2nd search-bar above

    • A few github *.md doc files presently accumulating in the official github repo.

    • They cover some common ground as the existing wiki walkthroughs, with more dev-related details

    • They also have a more linux-centric approach, if that's your preferred path (over windows-cygwin)